The Combine has been a longstanding Boston Paintball Tradition bringing together players, teams, the best pros in the game and the best companies in the business. With names this year like Ryan Greenspan Official Nick SlowiakNicky Cuba Brad McCurley and Todd Martinez from teams Los Angeles Infamous Upton 187 cRew and San Diego Dynasty IMG_0238heading up the clinic part that will teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn. BKi Paintballand Paintball University will follow up with more advice after the event, captains from all over the northeast looking to add players to their rosters will be scouting, you get to meet new faces and players all with the same goal in mind that is to play better and play competitively with a chance to land on a guaranteed team and have a Seasons worth of entrance fees covered AND a chance to secure a PERSONAL sponsorship from Empire Paintball Planet Eclipse and GI Sportz Paintball – this event puts YOU in the drivers seat to achieve a long list of paintball goals. First time to long time players should take advantage of this opportunity. Register now before spots are are gone! 





We certainly hope you all had a Hoppy Easter – we were VERY busy this weekend and wanted to share with you all of the things we had going on all weekend long! First, on Friday night we had the distinct pleasure of doing something just a tad out of the norm – I mean, we have run off-site events before, but THIS? This was something else! SCVNGR hired us to help them say goodbye to their beloved office space – and it got a goodbye unlike many tear-downs ever get to see! They not only said goodbye in style – but they brought in some great friends and raised some money for charity!! 18 five man teams competed for the honor of making a donation to the charity of their choice – and had a LOT of fun doing it!! ImageImageImage

Team Shoot To Kill Takes home The Title!!


It was a night not soon to be forgotten – and we wish SCVNGR all the best in their new space!!

We ALSO Had the PAX East Event all weekend long – where we set up a shooting booth – and had ALL kinds of visitors stop by and check out, well….PAINTBALL!!! Ok, and maybe the booth babes!



Welcome to the Game

We like to share – we like to tell you the things we are up to – how our weekend was – share with you the stories of people who have been here and shared their special events with us – and we usually share these things in a small way through our Facebook Page. We post about upcoming events and share group photo’s there – but this? This is the extension of that for those who want to really get a feel for how we do things – and just what this job, this place – and the people who both work and play here are all about…  So follow us as we SHARE weekly stories about Boston Paintball and bring you into THE GAME.


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