Beast of the East 2

When the decision was made to bring the Combine back to its original form last year, we were quite aware that a lot of the more advanced players would be left out of the event.  The Combine in it’s original form was meant to help new players find teams, and over the past few years the event had been heading in a different direction – a lot of the players that were registering were already on teams, they were simply interested in just getting some time in with the Pro players and taking their chances on winning some crazy, cool prizes.  Because we get it, we wanted everyone who wanted to be here to be able to be here that weekend but we needed a way to keep the integrity of the Combine itself intact but have a place for the more advanced players to go and you know, still showcase that talent… CombineX is where the Beast of the East was born.

The idea of the event was to find New England’s best all around player thru a series of pro practice drills and scrimmages and make them work to show they were not just in fact amongst some of the best players in New England but possibly the best.  I remember thinking during that even that it wasn’t quite what I think anyone thought it would be like, it seemed as though a lot of players were caught a little off guard, but in a good way, the way that makes you pay attention and see what you can learn and do better. The pros certainly put them thru their paces – and you could see confidence rise and fall depending on what was thrown their way.  Along with finding the best player New England had to offer, the Beast of the East event was going to do the same thing the Combine was doing, building a “Dream Team” to send out nationally and represent the best the Northeast had to offer. From the 38 players that registered, 12 were chosen to represent the Northeast in the PSP Nashville event, the one event that most teams were’t committed to playing – so we weren’t breaking teams up to make it happen and then without warning – PSP Nashville didn’t happen.  The layout had been released, the team had been registered, had gotten together and practiced, were making travel arrangements and before you knew it the PSP was no more and in it’s place was the NXL. 4 events to finish the season, most of the players committed to the remaining events already and we couldn’t collectively make the team happen. We haven’t given up hope of getting them all on the same page at an event this season – but we couldn’t risk the same issues with a  second team, so we have changed it up a bit this year.

The concept is the same, only the players will have to make an initial cut – be amongst the top half of the player to qualify to be crowned.  Players will be selected by the pros to compete in the Beast Bracket, advancing to compete in one on ones by exemplifying the mastery of their core skills, playing to win none other than a Special Edition Boston Paintball…...  The pros will once again call on them to dig deep and prove they have what it takes to wear that crown and be called the 2016 BEAST of the East. Don’t make the cut for overall Beast? There’s a bracket for those players too.

Registration is now Open. Think were were a little overlooked last season and have something to prove? Throw your name in the ring.  Know someone who would never claim to be as good as you KNOW they are? Get them registered.



What is the Combine

I had written this whole narrative yesterday about the Combine and described the road it has taken over the years, the ups and downs, the aura and the purpose and how much we love this event and why and I was so ready to launch it by way of announcing registration opening… but I waited.  When I woke up this morning I realized that what I had written yesterday didn’t quite align with the mission.  The Combine IS one of our greatest traditions, it is like Christmas to us, the build up, the anticipation, the excitement of the players as they get assigned teams and stand face to face meeting the pros and how last years event was the most personal for me, but none of what I had to say explained just what it is, and with what we have in mind for 2016 it is important to break it down and honor it for all that it stands for.

The Combine like everything we do, has a purpose.  It’s purpose is to Grow Paintball.

So what is the Boston Paintball Combine?  Most often used in football, the concept is easy to understand. An organized event that pulls players from all over the country (or in this case a region) and provides them the avenue in which they can showcase their raw talent to coaches and scouts interested in recruiting them. Drills and scrimmages that best display a players ability to play a position, to play the game are run and players are ultimately in control of their own fate.  The goal is to take the next step, put yourself out there, be inspired by the players around you that bring challenge to your door and make you work harder, get noticed, earn your spot.  Paintball like most sports is ultimately a team sport when you get into the competitive side – but the sum of a team is based on the individual ability of the players. Take into account that not every kid in school is likely to find paintball as easily as they would football and you have a gap in growth.  The Boston Paintball Combine takes the concept of a regular sports combine one step further and makes those connections.  New, individual players are all brought together in one event where they meet other players hoping to accomplish the same goal – get on a team.  We bring in some of the best names in paintball and we put their talents to work helping to bring out and maybe teaching a few new skills in those players boosting their confidence and encouraging them to push further.  Captains of existing teams scout the players to fill empty spots, and talents are in fact showcased. Hopefully players are picked up or meet other players and work something out.

Back when we started this thing now almost 11 years ago, the concept was new – the idea was fresh and there were so many new players who saw this as the chance to immerse themselves in the world of competition paintball. With every new year, it was better – the names were bigger, the excitement was bigger the expectations were all bigger , teams were filling spots on their rosters, other players were staying in touch but it wasn’t reaching far enough or accomplishing as much as it had the potential to do.  So we challenged ourselves to walk the walk.

Why it was more personal for me last year and so different from other years before was that we didn’t just leave it up to existing teams to do the scouting and the recruiting, WE stepped into the arena and we CREATED teams of players that we knew would work well together and with their hard work and dedication – they played together throughout the entire 2015 season and the testimony is ….they are now looking forward to the upcoming season.

Grow Paintball.  While every little bit helps from taking a kid too play on a Saturday afternoon to offering a few tips at the field, the bigger efforts sometimes come across as insincere and beyond passion,  but only when your vision is short sighted.  Grow Paintball isn’t just a hashtag on an Instagram photo, not for me, not for anyone that works at Boston Paintball and not for anyone that has been through the growing pains that Boston Paintball has gone through with every metamorphosis.  It is the belief in what started you on the path in the first place –  that  you can do your part, that you can share your vision and that you can inspire greatness.

The 2016 Combine is the first step.  Players will be assigned to teams upon registration, they will have a home before they even get here and they will have a support system already in place to make it work through the entire 2016 season.

February 5, 2016 – Combine XI: come be inspired, make your vision a reality and realize your greatness.

Registration is now open 🙂 and if you’re not looking for a team watch for the new Beast of the East info coming Monday.



Baseball meets Paintball

IMG_7126 IMG_6823 IMG_7074 IMG_6832

There are few things that can top the feeling of seeing your name all around FENWAY PARK! This summer we had the opportunity to bring paintball to the pahk – and introduce people to the idea that our sport has changed in so many ways over the years.  While camouflage and face paint still have their place – there is a new face of paintball and it is that of your 8 year old son and your best friends sister thanks to the introduction of Splatmaster and Low Impact versions of the game.  We had a blast talking to Red Sox fans about BOTH the games we love 🙂 Thank you to @YawkeyWayReport for helping to make it all happen!

Because you’re not like other girls


Boston Paintball has had its share of Bachelor Parties no doubt, but more and more often we see the ladies getting in on the game and man can they do it in style! Recycle your “favorite” bridesmaids dress and hit the fields to add a splash of color! Bachelorette parties can choose from 3 levels of play, Splatmaster for the wine crowd, Low Impact for the Martini crowd or traditional paintball for the Beer crowd – and YES we want photos!!!

Bachelor Party End Game, Hangover Optional


Bachelor Parties play a HUGE role in the success and popularity of paintball and having been in business for over 20 years, we can honestly say it is what allowed us to survive the early years.  The tradition of sending your man off to married life is always that much sweeter with a little  “Rambo” fun.  We offer discounted group rates, flexible hours and locations that are close to most of the other Bachelor Party “necessities” that help make planning that last wild night nothing short of a complete  success.  Should there be a little pressure to mix up the fun with some of the ladies, we offer low impact options that keep the manliness in tact – but won’t have you sleeping on the couch for a week.

New Low Impact Paintball!

Boston Paintball is excited to announce the addition of Low Impact Paintball to the list of group options!

Low Impact Paintball uses traditional air powered markers that are smaller and lighter than the original AND they use smaller caliber paintballs (these are .50 caliber – the same size used in PeeWee Splatmaster Paintball) so it’s all the fun with only half the feels! Groups of players Ages 10+ may reserve weekday play in Ashland or Chelsea with a minimum of 6 players and groups of 10+ may reserve weekends in all 3 locations.

Low Impact is great for mixed groups such as Office Outings, Family Fun, Bachelorette / Jack & Jill parties, Birthday Parties, school events and MORE! Forget everything you think you know about paintball, this new version is helping more players get on the field and enjoy that adrenaline filled, bucket list adventure! Register your group TODAY!



The Combine has been a longstanding Boston Paintball Tradition bringing together players, teams, the best pros in the game and the best companies in the business. With names this year like Ryan Greenspan Official Nick SlowiakNicky Cuba Brad McCurley and Todd Martinez from teams Los Angeles Infamous Upton 187 cRew and San Diego Dynasty IMG_0238heading up the clinic part that will teach you things you didn’t know you needed to learn. BKi Paintballand Paintball University will follow up with more advice after the event, captains from all over the northeast looking to add players to their rosters will be scouting, you get to meet new faces and players all with the same goal in mind that is to play better and play competitively with a chance to land on a guaranteed team and have a Seasons worth of entrance fees covered AND a chance to secure a PERSONAL sponsorship from Empire Paintball Planet Eclipse and GI Sportz Paintball – this event puts YOU in the drivers seat to achieve a long list of paintball goals. First time to long time players should take advantage of this opportunity. Register now before spots are are gone!