We certainly hope you all had a Hoppy Easter – we were VERY busy this weekend and wanted to share with you all of the things we had going on all weekend long! First, on Friday night we had the distinct pleasure of doing something just a tad out of the norm – I mean, we have run off-site events before, but THIS? This was something else! SCVNGR hired us to help them say goodbye to their beloved office space – and it got a goodbye unlike many tear-downs ever get to see! They not only said goodbye in style – but they brought in some great friends and raised some money for charity!! 18 five man teams competed for the honor of making a donation to the charity of their choice – and had a LOT of fun doing it!! ImageImageImage

Team Shoot To Kill Takes home The Title!!


It was a night not soon to be forgotten – and we wish SCVNGR all the best in their new space!!

We ALSO Had the PAX East Event all weekend long – where we set up a shooting booth – and had ALL kinds of visitors stop by and check out, well….PAINTBALL!!! Ok, and maybe the booth babes!




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